The 9th Taiyuan International Marathon Starts Today, with Kenya Athletes Winning Women's Top Three


At 8:00 am on September 8, 2018, Jiuniu Animal Husbandry · 2018 Taiyuan International Marathon is held at the south gate of China Taiyuan Coal Transaction Center. It gathered 34 specially-invited athletes from eight countries around the world, including last year's men's race champion and women's record holders, and 30,639 runners from 33 provinces and cities to share the events, striving for excellent results.

Wang Aiqin, Deputy Mayor of Taiyuan People's Government, said at the launching ceremony: “This session of Taiyuan International Marathon makes the long-established dragon city culture and the marathon spirit with long history complement with each other perfectly, letting the fresh and elegant Bingzhou scenery and the vibrant long-distance running collide with passion. Today, the ancient city of Taiyuan welcomes our guests and friends with terrific sceneries of clear water and green mountains; meanwhile, the people of Taiyuan today declare a new era with the spirit of civilization and openness.”

After more than two hours of intense competition, Ezekial Kemboi OMULLO of Kenya won the men's full-marathon champion of the 9th Jiuniu Animal Husbandry · 2018 Taiyuan International Marathon at 2:15:36, Slyvester Kimeli TEIMET of Kenya won the second place at 2:16:21, and Samuel Getachew DEMIE won the third place at 2:17:06.

Meanwhile, women's top three are all from Kenya, AliceJepkemboi KIMUTAI won the women's full-marathon champion at 2:31:54; Chemtai RIONOTUKEI used to be the champion and record holder of last Taiyuan International Marathon and she won the second place at 2:32:44, and Flomena Chepchirchir CHUMBA won the third place at 2:37:20.


It is worth mentioning that it is the first time for the champions of both men's and women's full race to participate in Taiyuan International Marathon. The champion of men's full race said in the interview that he was very happy and felt the friendliness of Taiyuan. However, the women's full-marathon champion, who has come to China for many times, said she was surprised by her achievements, as she expected to get only the eighth or ninth place this time, and she did not expect to play very well in this competition.

This year, the starting point is still at the south gate of China Taiyuan Coal Transaction Center in Taiyuan Changfeng Business District, but the half-marathon route has been replanned, changing the original end point from Binhe East Road under the South Central Bridge to Coal Transaction Center.

Both full-marathon and half-marathon events have canceled part of the competition sections surrounding the Sports Center of Shanxi Province and the Red Lantern Stadium, reducing the track curves and turning points, which is more conducive for runners to break PB records. In addition, the end point of half-marathon events this year end will return back to the starting point of China Taiyuan Coal Transaction Center, which is not only convenient for the evacuation of half-marathon runners, but also enables half-marathon runners to enjoy the main venue services just like other full-marathon runners.


There were 8,006 participants in the full marathon, 10,519 participants in the half marathon, 5,107 individual and 3,881 group participants in the mini marathon, and 3,126 participants in the mini parent-child marathon, totaling 30,639 participants. More than 45,000 runners have signed up for Taiyuan International Marathon. This year's lot winning rate of full marathon is 79.3% and that of half marathon is 43.9%. The proportion of non-local runners of full marathon is 53.5% and that of half marathon is 28.5%.

During the competition, in order to better serve the runners, all kinds of supplies required have also been increased, including 52,000 bottles of functional beverage, 13,200 bottles more than last year, 99,500 bottles of drinking water, 18,300 bottles more than last year, 32,000 bottles of drinking water after the race, 2,000 bottles more than last year, 41,500 bananas, 23,500 more than last year, and 2,200 volunteers, providing more service guarantee for the events.

With the competition day coinciding with the International Rescue Day, to create safe running conditions for 2018 Taiyuan International Marathon, the organizing committee has arranged 19 ambulances, 30 AEDs (Cardiac defibrillators), more than 500 medical volunteers, and 58 experienced medical runners distributing in the 17 race segments of full marathon and half marathon.


By recruiting social volunteers, 6 points of track service stations on the basis of standard medical points were added, creating a higher standard of protection in the history of Taiyuan International Marathon.

In addition, to create the best atmosphere for runners, over 50 performance teams with nearly 2,500 performers have been recruited along the route of Taiyuan International Marathon this year, which is also the highest number ever. There is no doubt that Taiyuan International Marathon will be the best choice for the first-time runners.

In May of this year, Taiyuan International Marathon was awarded as “Silver Label Event” by International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). This session of Taiyuan International Marathon centers on “stepping into the double gold club” as the goal, and strives to become one of the top marathon events in China. Therefore, both the preparation and service of the event are more stringent than that of previous years.

In addition to the regular service of the event, the organizing committee also set up a parent-child photo wall in the carnival area. There are photographers dedicated to the parent-child group on the track for capturing the most adorable, sweet and lovely moments.


After the competition, the selection activity of the most beautiful parent-child photos will be conducted by the official WeChat account of Taiyuan International Marathon, which can make more children feel the charm of marathons from an early age and inject fresh vitality into marathon events.

The same as the previous years, the photo organizing committee still provides free download service for participants in this year. Two hours after the beginning of the competition, participants checked their photos at the official WeChat account of Taiyuan International Marathon. Many participants said it was a great experience to download photos two hours after the competition so they could “see” themselves on the official platform earlier.

It is worth mentioning that a video query service for face recognition has been added for the first time in this year, allowing participants to experience the double service of photos and videos.

In addition to continuing the high standard live screen in 2017, an English commentary version has also been made by Taiyuan International Marathon according to the requirement of IAAF. Moreover, the organizing committee also used 2 relay coaches, 4 motorcycles, 20 cameras and 4 drones for direct broadcast in an effort to show the most beautiful aspects of the event to the audience.

At the same time, the channel of Taiyuan International Marathon for direct broadcast is more powerful than ever before, including two channels of TV broadcast-level HD live broadcast signals produced by, the official strategic cooperative media of the event, and Tencent Sports, Youku Sports, Netease News, cqnews, and other Internet platforms, covering a total of more than 300 million people. As a local competition in Taiyuan, the event was also directly broadcast in Taiyuan TV station synchronously.

This session of Taiyuan International Marathon was sponsored by Chinese Athletic Association, Sports Bureau of Shanxi Province and Taiyuan People's Government, and undertaken by Shanxi Athletic Association, Taiyuan Municipal Sports Bureau and LeSports. It has gained vigorous support from the title sponsorship Jiuniu Animal Husbandry, the senior partner Xtep, the official suppliers CR C’estbon, Sunshine Insurance Group and JD Sports, and the official support providers The Mixc, China Unicom, Hehegu, Snow Breweries, KFC, China Jing Jiu, Huida Lemon, Raybo and Haotian Horizon, as well as central, provincial and municipal media and other enterprises. They have made positive contributions to the successful organization of the event, expanded the dimension of the combination of sports events and commercial brands and further enhanced the commercial value of Taiyuan International Marathon.

Taiyuan International Marathon has been successfully held for nine sessions so far, attracting nearly 300,000 participants from more than 20 countries and regions and has gained a certain popularity and influence at home and abroad. Since 2013, it has been named as “China’s gold marathon event” for five consecutive years, and was awarded as International silver label event this year, which has become a beautiful sports card for showing the history, culture and city image of Taiyuan.