2019 Taiyuan International Marathon Was Completed Successfully


Jiuniu Animal Husbandry 2019 Taiyuan International Marathon Was Completed Successfully



At 07:30 a.m. on September 8, Jiuniu Animal Husbandry·2019 Taiyuan International Marathon was initiated along Fenhe River. More than 30,000 runners ran in the marathon, who came from 28 countries and regions in the world, from 33 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the Chinese mainland, and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Taiyuan International Marathon and the 1st year as CAA & IAAF Gold Label Road Race Event. This year, the event was organized and operated by Kaicheng Sports, which seems to be a new company. However, Taiyuan International Marathon has never changed its operator. Chongqing LETV Sports, which started to operate Taiyuan International Marathon, changed its name to Kaicheng Sports right before 2019 event. As a result, it has completely abandoned LETV traces in it. As a matter of fact, it is the same company that operates the Taiyuan International Marathon.

Compared with last year, 2019 Taiyuan International Marathon had higher temperature. When approaching noon time, the temperature rose to more than 30 degrees Celsius, which was rarely seen in Taiyuan for this season. In the end, Marius KIMUTAI from Kenya won the championship for men, whose result was 2:09:43, the second best result in the history of Taiyuan International Marathon full range. BELAINESH YAMI GURMU from Ethiopia won the championship for women, whose result was 2:29:48, only 12 seconds behind the record of the event. The second best results for both men and women in the history of Taiyuan International Marathon were really hard won, because the weather was too high on that day. It also reflects that, as Taiyuan International Marathon becomes IAAF Gold Label Road Race Event, it has upgraded the international position. More and more excellent runners hope to run in Taiyuan to get “scores for IAAF elite athletes”. This has helped Taiyuan International Marathon upgrade the results and intensify competition for champions.

[Guan Yousheng won the Prize of China Speed for the first time]

The organizers once expected to see fierce competition for the Prize of China Speed. However, the runner Guan Yousheng from Guizhou outperformed all other Chinese runners in the overwhelming way. Actually, 2019 Taiyuan International Marathon did have a few excellent Chinese runners, both men and women, including Guan Yousheng, Li Zicheng, Yang Dinghong and Li Chunhui. Nevertheless, Yang Dinghong was absent due to injury; and Li Zicheng was in average state. In the end, Guan Yousheng won the Prize of China Speed, whose result was 2:15:38, also his Personal Best. After the event, Guan said, “I have been in Taiyuan for many times. But this is my first time to run in Marathon here. I am very satisfied with my performance. When running along Fenhe River, it looks different. I didn’t imagine I can make my PB here. So happy with this. Hope I can run come to Taiyuan and run in marathon again in the future.”

Zhao Hao, who comes from Chongqing, won the second place in the Prize of China Speed at 2:23:47 and Gu Rongchao won the third place at 2:24:11.

Feng Qing won the first place in the Prize of China Speed for women in the full marathon at 2:44:36, followed by Tang Hui and Zhao Na at 2:49:09 and 2:55:44 respectively.

In Half Marathon, Liu Hongliang won the championship for men at 1:07:14 and Yin Xiaoyu won the championship for women at 1:19:30.

[Better service helped runners have best experience]

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, the slogan for this year’s event was Best Taiyuan Marathon, aiming to provide best competition conditions and most considerate service for ordinary runners in this CAA & IAAF Gold Label Road Race Event. To make sure all runners can have the best experience in the Best Taiyuan Marathon, the Organizing Committee, for the first time in its history, set the Inquiry Volunteer. More than 30 dedicated inquiry volunteers, in the starting point and terminal, the key areas and crossroads, provided guidance and inquiry service for runners. At the same time, nearly 30% on-site signs were increased so that the tens of thousands of runners and audiences can run and view in a better-organized way.

21 supply stations were set along the 42km track, so as to upgrade track atmosphere, cheery for runners and provide emergency-response service and featured supplies to runners. The Organizing Committee also prepared featured supply of Snowflake beer for runners. During the event, the Organizing Committee has invited Li Jing Guiding Service Team from Taiyuan South Station to provide train ticket service for runners on the site.

The post-event massage service was expanded and three service providers were present, instead of one. 25% more seats were available for simultaneous massage service, so that more runners could gain access to the post-event massage provided by the Organizing Committee. Runners who ran in Taiyuan International Marathon for nine sessions in a row would enjoy VIP service provided by the Organizing Committee, e.g., exclusive bag pickup window, dedicated service staff, exclusive massage zone and masseur.

The temperature on this year’s competition day was higher than in previous years. In order to ensure health and safety of runners, the Organizing Committee sent SMS messages to runners, providing tips against high temperature before the game. It also published messages in multiple media so that runners could pay attention to the high temperature. During the competition, the Organizing Committee temporarily added drinking water, spray, ice cubes, cooling sponges, and medicines for heatstroke prevention and cooling, so as to guarantee the health and safety of runners.

It is worth mentioning that the Organizing Committee of 2019 Taiyuan International Marathon provided runners in full marathon with black technology of using AI face video to query running video. The full marathon runners, at 8:00 a.m. on the following day, can query their exclusive videos in the competition on the official website or WeChat public account of Taiyuan International Marathon. They can keep the video as their memory for the Best Taiyuan Marathon.

[Internet + TV live broadcasting helps Taiyuan get known by the world]

To realize the Best Taiyuan Marathon, the Organizing Committee used six motorbikes, 16 filming positions and three UAVs. In addition to live broadcasting in Taiyuan TV and MSTV, it was also broadcast live in more than 20 online platforms, including QQ Live, TenCent Sport, Migu Video, Zhibo TV, PP Video, Longzhu, Huya, YY and Yizhibo. As a result, audiences in more than 50 countries and regions in the world were able to view the event. At the same time, Qingting FM audio live broadcast was opened for the first time, so that family members and runners of the runners were able to cheer for them in the competition.

“My husband is a collector of CAA & IAAF Gold Label Road Race Event. This year, the marathon in Taiyuan has also become such event. So I accompany him to the city to run in it. From Zhengzhou, we took the high-speed train”, said a lady who was accompanying her husband in the event, “Our previous visit happened more than ten years ago. This time, I saw great changes to the city. Next time, I can bring my kids here.”

In the 10th anniversary, the number of foreign runners and those from beyond the province, and the live broadcast rating have made record high. Runners were generous to give their praises to the first year of Taiyuan International Marathon as the CAA & IAAF Gold Label Road Race Event. Jiuniu Animal Husbandry·2019 Taiyuan International Marathon has been completed successfully.