Opening a New Chapter: Taiyuan International Marathon Becomes a Silver Label Event of IAAF in 2018


Opening a New Chapter: Taiyuan International Marathon Becomes a Silver Label Event of IAAF in 2018

On May 8, the Organizing Committee of Taiyuan International Marathon received a mail informing that Taiyuan International Marathon was recognized by the IAAF and upgraded from a bronze label event to a silver label event. With the bronze label status in 2017 and the silver label status in 2018, Taiyuan International Marathon has been steadily improving with the highest efficiency to prepare for achieving the gold label status in 2019. According to the data released in the 2017 Annual Summary of China Marathon, there were 1,102 road races last year with 4.98 million times of participation from people all together. The fact that Taiyuan International Marathon has been upgraded to the silver label event in 2018 has gradually stabilized its position as a first-tier marathon in China.

Held at the end of each September, Taiyuan International Marathon is an international sports event sponsored by Chinese Athletic Association, Sports Bureau of Shanxi Province and the People’s Government of Taiyuan City, and jointly organized by Shanxi Athletic Association, Taiyuan Sports Bureau and LeSports. The event has been successfully held for eight sessions from 2010 to 2017, with high popularity and influence at home and abroad. From 2013 to 2017, it has won the title of “Gold Medal Event of China Marathon” for five consecutive years, which not only improves the city taste of Taiyuan, but also becomes a beautiful sports card to display the history, culture and image of Taiyuan.

In 2017, there were 103 marathon label events certified by the IAAF, including 50 gold label events, 20 silver label events and 33 bronze label events; among them, there were 12 domestic marathon label events certified by the IAAF, including 5 gold label events such as Xiamen Marathon, Beijing Marathon and Shanghai Marathon, silver label events such as Chongqing Marathon, Lanzhou Marathon and Guangzhou Marathon, as well as bronze label events such as Taiyuan Marathon, Hengshui Marathon, Hangzhou Marathon and Shenzhen Marathon. By 2018, silver label events which have already been announced by the IAAF include Milan Marathon, Rome Marathon and Houston Marathon. From the perspective of marathon, Taiyuan has been able to compete with these world-renowned cities, which has further enhanced its international and domestic status.

It's not just the label that has been upgraded; the promotion of Taiyuan International Marathon in multiple aspects is the core.

1. The number of specially invited athletes changed from five men and five women from five different countries in 2017 to six men and six women in 2018 from four different countries. With the upgrade of label events and the revision of the IAAF policy, the number of specially invited athletes has increased from last year, but the restriction on the nationality has been relaxed. At the same time, contestants are also required to cover at least two continental regions (Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America), at least one of which must be the continental region of the host country. We believe that we will see more Asian runners in Taiyuan International Marathon and other Chinese marathons in 2018.

2. The score requirement for specially invited athletes participating in the silver label event has been substantially raised: since January 1, 2016, the best score for male athletes has been lifted to 2:11:45 and female athletes 2:32:00, which register respective increases of 00:04:15 and 00:06:00 compared with those of last year. It is believed that with the ability enhancement of specially invited athletes in Taiyuan International Marathon, the best scores previously maintained are expected to be bettered.

Forge the “CAA Gold Medal Competition + IAAF Gold Label Road Race” to Introduce Taiyuan International Marathon to the Globe from Shanxi

At present, 7 domestic events that have been granted the title of “CAA Gold Medal Competition + IAAF Gold Label Road Race” include Beijing Marathon, Xiamen Marathon, Shanghai International Marathon, Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon, Yellow River Estuary (Dongying) International Marathon, Chongqing Marathon and Lanzhou International Marathon. For Taiyuan International Marathon, it has set the goal of improving the event quality on the basis of holding the 2018 race, striving to enter the rank of “Double Gold Club” with the recognition of IAAF Gold Label Road Race as of 2019.

On the Taiyuan International Marathon Symposium held early this year, Mr. Gao Bo, Director General of Taiyuan Sports Bureau expressed that among the future job objectives except for obtaining the title of “CAA Gold Medal Competition + IAAF Gold Label Road Race”, the priority of Taiyuan International Marathon is to further consolidate the leading position of quality Taiyuan International Marathon among other domestic marathons while vigorously gaining valuable experience from other domestic high-level sports games. In the meantime, the influence of Taiyuan International Marathon shall be gradually radiated to the rest of the world, making the event the “calling card of Taiyuan”, “calling card of Shanxi” and even the “calling card of China”, so as to attract more marathon amateurs worldwide to Taiyuan, and present the most characteristic Chinese history and civilization of Shanxi to our global participants.